Our Team


Team 7732 Artificial Intelligence is Jiangsu Tianyi High School’s FIRST robotics team and is based on the school’s largest and most influential STEM club, Tianyi Artificial Intelligence Club. Prior to May 2018, the club’s robotics division competed in FIRST Tech Challenge (Team number 14240) and have won numerous awards at regionals and national championships and made a significant impact on Chinese FTC community by mentoring over 15 FTC teams, delivering speeches at local middle schools, hosting annual workshop open day, and organizing seminars with other top teams in the country. After 2018 Houston World Championship, the club decided to push the club out of its comfort zone by switching to FRC, marking the beginning of team 7732’s mission, to bring the best engineering education to its members and community. Now a rookie FRC team, team 7732 currently has 4 mentors and 35 students.

Team Impact and Outreach

We have been translating various FTC documentations for years, contacting FIRST China and uploaded them onto the FIRST China Website for teams without proficiency in English to read them without any difficulties. We asked Qualcomm for a list of rookie teams that may need our help and create a Rookie All Stars group on QQ, a social media application in China, answering any questions they may have. Our team members also think it’s lucky for us to have the chance to share our experience in FIRST with other teams and the community.

Our team has been striving to expand our impact not only throughout our community but also in our region, or even the whole country, spreading the FIRST spirit to young students in China, as we believe the knowledge acquired from FIRST would be a invaluable treasure. By various means we have and will continue to spread FIRST and expand our impact: presenting achievements in front of all students and staff during the annual club information session and important school meetings; mentoring over 15 rookie teams in China and helped them fit into the community; Expanding the whole community, we continued to translate competition rules into Chinese, which is now a much easier task because of the new blood. As the team gets to help more teams in the community, we are approaching our goal of spreading STEM spirits.